Friday, 26 August 2011

Stunning Kensington Roof Gardens Wedding... Full post (sorry its late!)


Here is the long awaited & stunning full post of Layla & Alvin's summer wedding at The Kensington Roof Gardens.

It was a lovely day and a beautiful venue, just perfect for some outside space in the city - they even had flamingos on the pond! One of my favorite weddings! The Bride and Groom were so amazingly lovely and all the guest were very welcoming, I loved every second! I felt so inspired & relaxed so took loads & loads of photos - here are just a few to give you a picture of the day - aren't the colours of the garden just amazing!

I would love to know your thoughts please leave me a message below!

Rebecca x


  1. I'm jealous on many levels. I WANT this for my own wedding and I also wish I'd been lucky enough to photograph such a wonderful wedding at such a stunning venue.

  2. Aw thanks Laura, I know I feel so lucky to have been chosen by this super lovely couple and its was such a beautiful day I almost felt as I should be paying them! lol xx

  3. Seriously, Kensington Roof Gardens, London?

    Just the light, the colours. It looks amazing!

    Oh and the bride is beautiful.

  4. Thanks Anna, I know such a beautiful bride! She's a real sweetheart too! And the venue is just lovely this time of year! x