Sunday, 27 March 2011

Darius & The Props...

Today I visited a good friend who kindly jigsaw'd out some props for my new 'Booth'! I absolutely love them... Thank-you Darius!!!

I'm planning on painting these fantastic shapes with chalkboard paint tomorrow and using them as message boards for guests to hold up during the booth sessions. I've also made a great start on the mustaches and lips on sticks and I'm going to call them 'Prop Pops!'

And and and... finally found my 'mills! Cute huh?

I will post updates on their progress shortly, as well as images from the first booth session that will be ready at the end of April so keep watching...

Rebecca x

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Thank-you cards & super cute matching stamps!

Hi, this is my first post and what better way to start off with sharing my brand new 
packs of Thank-you cards & super cute matching stamps! 

Check them out...

I could not be happier they are amazing & look totally stunning along with the 
personalised 1st class stamps - a fantastic addition to my wedding photography

What do you think?

Rebecca x