Sunday, 24 July 2011

Chic wedding at The Kensington Roof Gardens...Sneak Peek x


Here's a little peek into the wedding of Layla & Alvin that I photographed yesterday at Kensington Roof Gardens ~ it was such a beautiful day! Everyone was so welcoming and I had such a fantastic time I didn't want to leave :-)

Full post coming soon x
Rebecca x


  1. Who would have thought that this wedding ceremony took place in a roof? I love how the venue was so romantic despite looking so simple. Looking at the picture wouldn’t be enough to tell you that the actual venue was a roof. And the place is just lush with beautiful greenery! It’s wonderful!

    Neil Hirsh

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  3. Just wanted to say they are some of the best pictures I have ever seen at a wedding you captured the day and atmosphere perfectly. Thank you so much

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