Sunday, 10 April 2011

The Prop Trunk...

So today I dug out this gorgeous vintage trunk that I bought and painted late last year, it was such a fantastic find especially the original floral lining it looks really tatty-pretty!

I bought it to store, transport and on the day present all my photo-booth props in - as I'm sure you will agree it really suits my vintage-y theme for the 'booth' and all the props look fantastic arranged inside!

As it was such a beautiful sunny day today I decided it would be the perfect setting to photograph all of my props with the trunk...and my favorite has to be the Native American Chief Headdress...AMAZING! I just cannot wait for my next wedding on the 16th to see the results from my first booth session!

My Prop Trunk currently includes:
Native American Headdress
Movie Clapper board
'Bang' Gun
Mickey Mouse Ears
Bunny Ears
Sheriff's Badge
Mini Union Jack Flag
Smoking Pipe
Mustache Prop-Pops
Lip Prop-Pops
Heart Prop-Pops

2x Beach Windmills
Large Ornate Frame
Large Yellow Flower
2x Heart Blackboards
2x Speech Bubble Blackboards
2x Vintage Label Blackboards

Lots and lots of message Prop-Pops (including: Just Married, Mr & Mrs, Bride & Groom, Congratulations, Hitched, I Love U, Happily Ever After, Thank-you & lots more...)

I'm just looking on getting some fun glasses next week and I think I'll be all set! 
If you have any suggestions of props that you would like to see in the trunk - 
please email me at:

Rebecca x

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